SSKC Old Members

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Old Members

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SSKC Old Members
Dates TBCAndy Bailey
1982-1987Luis Bastidas
1981-1986Rodrigo Bastidas (1961-2004 RIP)
Dates TBCSteve Bland
1986-1991?Ian Culpan
1989-2007Ashley Dilcock
1998-2009Thomas Gott
1986-2010Trevor Jinks
2000-2009Helen Milner
2004-2010Dominic Schilke
2001-2009David Stavenau
1992- 1996David Wadsworth

If you are an Ex-member of Selby Shotokan Karate Club, we would very much like to share your information in this part of the blog.
If we can get enough "Old boys togeather perhaps even a reunion?
If you would like to participate or add some detail please E mail me below.

  • Email Paul the club secretary

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